Bill Jamieson: Poosie and I are ready for our Brexit straitjackets

My thanks and appreciation to readers who have emailed and texted their concerns over my lovely cat Poosie Nansie who has succumbed to Feline Brexit Psychosis.

Bill Jamieson's cat Poosie Nansie has come down with Feline Brexit Psychosis

In recent weeks she has taken to loud and persistent caterwauling when Brexit is discussed on BBC TV’s Newsnight and on hearing latest Brexit developments on the Radio 4 Today programme. Little seems to comfort her until these programmes are switched off and Laura Kuenssberg silenced.

The vet has recommended a stretch on the couch of the cat behavioral psychologist and a calming aerosol plug-in dispenser loaded with Felliway. We now have three of these around the house and I am sleeping perfectly but Poosie is little better.

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Why such animation over Brexit? What triggers such pronounced crying – even louder than when the neighbour’s tomcat Hairy Harry comes wooing on the veranda, with no bunch of flowers or Cadbury’s Milk Tray.

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Two-year Brexit delay would inflict nervous breakdown on UK – Bill Jamieson

Now I learn that if she is a bit grumpy or aggressive, I may only have myself to blame. Scientists have found that felines really are copycats – and develop personalities that mirror their owners.

Danielle Gunn-Moore, professor of feline medicine at Edinburgh University, says, “cats are a mini-me. They are sentient creatures strongly affected by people around them.” It’s certainly true that, like millions of others, I have become rather animated at Newsnight and BBC Question Time when Brexit is discussed and wish I had a stash of rubber bricks to hurl at the television. So, it seems it’s me that needs to book into the feline behavioural psychiatrist for counselling.

Meanwhile I am dreading the next week with yet more shuffling between Westminster and Brussels, fresh dramas of emergency Commons debates, rebellious motions and amendments and gory details of something called “Cox’s Codpiece” which would certainly start Poosie off again.

As for the prospect of a Brexit postponement till May Delay, it’s unconscionable. Reader suggestions welcome. In the meantime, straitjackets for us both?