Bagpipes are good for you. But beginners may wish to find a large field – Scotsman comment

People learning the bagpipes may wish to start out on a chanter or possibly find a large field

The Scotsman is, as our readers would expect, a huge fan of bagpipes. Whoever invented them – some have variously suggested Ancient Egyptians, Hittites or 13th-century Germans – Scotland has made this instrument its own. How? That’s simple: we came up with the best tunes.

There’s surely nothing like the spine-tingling sound of a massed pipe band marching up the street. Videos can convey something of the experience but you really have to be there for the full effect.

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So it really is wonderful news that King Charles’s charity has launched a health initiative in which people with lung problems will learn to play the bagpipes, and not just because it can improve their condition. The more people able to play the bagpipes the better.

With just one small, tiny, caveat. The thought does occur that those starting out on their exciting journey towards bagpipe mastery can sound, well, we wouldn’t say unpleasant, but some might say discordant. And loud. Very loud. So hopefully the beginners will be starting on a chanter before progressing to the full kit, or have access to a large field...

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