As Donald Trump arrives in his 'home' Scotland, any welcome should be a chilly one – Scotsman comment

As Donald Trump emerged onto the tarmac at Aberdeen Airport, he said, “it’s great to be home” before explaining that “this was the home of my mother”, a reminder of something that many people in Scotland had worked hard to forget.

So while the populist Trump does not appear to be a fan of the ideals expressed in the phrase ‘mi casa, su casa’, he seems to be in favour of what could be described as ‘mama casa, mi casa’, which some might think a bit rich coming from a US president infamous for separating children from their migrant parents.

Clearly, in normal circumstances, the arrival of a former American leader would have been cause for much celebration. However, given Trump’s attempts to overturn the presidential election result and his supporters storming of the US Capitol in a shocking attack on democracy, one wonders just who did arrange for the red carpet and two pipers that greeted him on arrival. Of course, it would be completely ridiculous to imagine that Trump would set up such a welcome for himself, but then again he is more than a little ridiculous.

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He is also facing an array of legal troubles. Trump has denied falsifying business records in an ongoing criminal case, while yesterday former Elle magazine advice columnist E Jean Carroll was giving evidence in a New York court, where she is suing him for defamation after he called her allegation that he raped her in the mid-1990s “a hoax and a lie”.

So those offering too wholehearted a welcome to this individual may come to regret it – even more than they currently should.



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