From the archives: Scots listeners and the BBC; 20 November 1933

SIR, It must be patent to those who walk through life with ears attuned to public opinion that dissatisfaction exists among Scots listeners regarding the parsimonious proportion of truly Scots items on the wireless.

I am only one of many who, while appreciating the difficulty in providing a programme to suit all tastes, would fain have the BBC directors supply a fare more compatible with Scottish national wants. Directors would appear to think that, provided now and again an item with a Scots flavour is included in the programme, Scots listeners will be satisfied, or at least placated. So we have served up to us long periods of so-called classical music which only bores the average listener, who would probably infinitely prefer a rendering of good, old Scots tunes. And dance music, too! Jazz, jazz, jazz! It must apparently be jazz all the time. Let us have good Scots reels to stir our Scottish blood.

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Yours, Hamish Muir.