From the archives: 25 majority for Government, 14 March, 1950

WITH Liberal support the socialists won their second vote of confidence in this Parliament to-night.

The debate covered housing and was opened by Mr. Walter Elliot for the Opposition. Acrimony flared later, when Mr. McNeil [Scottish Secretary] intervened. Mr T. G. Galbraith insisted that as late as March 6 last, Glasgow Corporation had not been informed of the city’s housing allocation. He declined to reveal in public the source of his information, and maintained that attitude until, stung by Mr McNeil’s reference to cheap Tory propaganda, disclosed that it had come from the Town Clerk.

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When Mr McNeil, in a surprising display of rage, snapped: “I take leave to suggest that the Town Clerk did not supply that information”, there was a stunned silence.

Mr Bevan, replying for the Government, treated the Commons to a great display of Welsh oratory.