From the archive: Forth Road Bridge toll charges - 29 March, 1964

TOLL charges to be imposed on users of the proposed Forth Road Bridge are contained in the Provisional Order which has been lodged by Edinburgh corporation and other Local Authorities.

Pedestrians will be charged 3d, and there will be a charge of 3d per head on every person travelling as a passenger.

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Dogs will be charged 3d, and the highest levy is 12s 6d for a bus seating more than 32 persons. Motorists will be charged according to the horse-power of the vehicles as follows: 8hp, 2s; 9-12hp, 3s; 13-16hp, 4s; and over 16hp, 5s.

For commercial vehicles the charges will vary, with prices ranging to 12s 6d for a bus with more than 32 passengers. Sheep, lambs, pigs, goats, and dogs are rated at 3d each, or 12s 6d a hundred, while cattle, horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules will cost 10d each or 25s for 50.

Tolls will be levied for a period of 30 years.