American XL bully dogs: Scotland needs to introduce Rishi Sunak's ban immediately – Scotsman comment

It does not matter whether XL bullies were bred or trained to be violent, they are clearly a danger to the public

Last week, Humza Yousaf complacently declared he didn’t think a ban on XL bully dogs was required. On Monday, he said Scotland was “not a safe haven” for the animals, following an effective ban south of the Border. Yesterday SNP community safety minister Siobhian Brown announced she was “urgently reviewing” the government’s policy on XL bullies, an upgrade from last week’s “continual” review.

One can almost hear the gears turning in the minds of the SNP’s best and brightest as they finally worked out that dogs with a track record of violent attacks are coming to Scotland because the rules controlling them here are much less strict than those being introduced by Rishi Sunak’s government and that this might be a potentially fatal problem. Was the failure to grasp the need to act down to the nationalists’ instinct to be different to the hated Westminster, lack of interest, or simple incompetence? Who can say?

It matters not whether XL bullies have been bred to be instinctively violent or trained to be so, they are dangerous and Scotland should introduce the UK ban immediately.



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