Abigail Stevens: Capital's credentials keep on attracting incomers

Having lived and worked around the world, from the buzzing streets of London to soaking up the sun in Sydney, I am proud to call the wonderful city of Edinburgh my home.

George Street is just one architectural gem among many

Originally from south of the Border, I moved here 20 years ago and fell in love with this charming city. I started my business in 2000 and have been running it from its George Street office ever since that time. I have been assisting accountants find their dream working locations around the globe, helping them have the transformative experience that working abroad can provide.

Helping people find a new place to call home can be hard, but it is so much easier when encouraging people to consider this city.

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For one thing, you can talk about the outstanding achievements of Edinburgh’s sons and daughters or point to the future where we have outperformed major global cities in promoting direct foreign investment.

Within the accountancy and finance sector, the city’s credentials carry real global clout. Advertised positions attract professionals from around the world adding to its rich and diverse talent pool.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) qualification is like gold dust, a testament to its rigorous testing and quality of its certification. Further bolstered by a collection of world class universities, international employers look fondly on Scottish educational attainment on CVs.

Edinburgh stands up on its own two feet on the world stage – Edinburgh Castle, The Fringe, the incredible nature that surrounds the city and the enchanting architecture which many visitors consider to have come straight from a Harry Potter book.

People are continuously drawn here despite different political uncertainties that have arisen in recent times. The demography of our city has changed, and dramatically so since 2001. In those 16 years, the number of residents from outside of the UK has almost doubled from 8 per cent to 15 per cent, with a further 15 per cent coming from the rest of the UK.

The doors are wide open in this city to all that want to live or visit, highlighted by the fact that nearly three times Edinburgh’s population visit as tourists each year.

Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the UK by foreign tourists after London and it is not hard to guess why.

Whether it’s the accolade of being one of the UK’s greenest eco-friendly cities, it’s booming entrepreneurial culture (which I’ve experienced first-hand) or excellent quality of life – this is the city that combines aspirations with recreation – where the community is welcoming, hardworking and passionate.

Whatever challenges may lie ahead in the coming years, the character of this global city is guaranteed to maintain its international status and continue to attract the world’s best talent.

Abigail Stevens is MD of Think Global Recruitment, Rose Street, Edinburgh