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Waste will pile up in Edinburgh’s streets, union leaders have warned as bin workers begin 12 days of strike actionWaste will pile up in Edinburgh’s streets, union leaders have warned as bin workers begin 12 days of strike action
Waste will pile up in Edinburgh’s streets, union leaders have warned as bin workers begin 12 days of strike action
Bins are already overflowing in the Capital and it's only the first of 12 days' strike action.

Chris Mcfadden

The rise in inflation is due to the government previously printing too much money during Covid times. It is a stealth tax and the inflation rate is set by the government. It is an easy way for the establishment to increase our taxes. This devalues the peoples wages and savings, requiring the working class to work more to survive. The government pays the council, so increase the wages as it is the government which has caused this cost of living increase.

Nicholas Burns Cumming

The vast majority of the rubbish is generated by tourists and consists of take-away packaging and leaflets. Residents are left with nowhere to put rubbish as every bin is overflowing. Why cannot businesses which profit from the Festival be charged for 'litter pickers' or sponsor litter pickers? It's not as if it came as a surprise!

Robert Gilchrist

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The Labour-Tory coalition needs to show they are up to this. Incompetence or what?

Patricia Farquhar

My concerns are that the festival is on, the place is going to give our city a bad name. Look at the money the tourists bring, the last thing they want to see is a ridiculous mess. As for our schemes, we just have to be careful what we put out to avoid foxes, seagulls etc.

Christine Wooley

Can’t the armed services be deployed, because of the risk to public health?

Karen Tomczynski

This is a public health hazard.

Davie Lawrie

Solidarity with the workers!

Scott Hardie

Great for all of the employed people striking for big wage rises; meanwhile sel- employed get nothing and unfortunately just have to get on with it as we have bills to pay.

Jimmy Montgomery

It’s best Nicola makes a statement as this is serious.

Supermarket loans

Iceland has announced it will offer customers interest-free loans to help with their food shop amid soaring inflation.

Lorraine Blyth

I think any company that actively encourages or assists the most vulnerable to take on debt, even if it’s interest free, to feed themselves and their families are disgustingly amoral!

Lungowe Kashina

I think there will be a general strike soon if wages don’t start matching the standard of living.

Lorraine Moorhead

I'm not getting into debt over a stuffed crust pizza.

Keith O'Flaherty

Surely that would put people into more debt. The government should be ashamed of themselves that it’s coming to this.

Debbie Liddle

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I say the government should be ashamed of themselves. People having to do this is a joke like. So sad the mess our country is in.

Edouard Dunnachie

Interest-free? No such thing, it will be built into food prices.

Samantha Gray

Maybe if they just kept ther food prices down and stoped taking such a big profit.

Edyta Jasper

Maybe the government will raise the national lowest incomes instead of such actions. I know inflation is a fear, but it was the government that worsened it by shutting down the economy.

Andrea Laidlaw

It isnt iceland that has launched this, they have joined 'fair for you' Community Interest Company (CIC). The CEO is a Tory and Fair for You is listed on the government website. They also provide other loans for household items at an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 55.6 per cent. This another way to make the poor poorer. I find it really odd why the Conservatives are trying to get people into debt. Something is seriously wrong, by the time your kids are 25 they will own nothing – no house no car, nothing! Please do your research before taking any loans.

Chris Whitehead

It's a great move....better than starving.

Bobby Bravado

Borrowing money for food. That’s not a good sign.

Frances Mckendrick

In one of the richest countries in the world, what have we come to? Every single Tory voter should hang their heads in shame.

Ian Simpson

It's a very positive move, keep market share and only loan to people who can pay it back. Certainly better than going to a food bank or loan shark.


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