Officers to learn sectarian songs for Old Firm tie

INEXPERIENCED police officers will be taught sectarian songs in order to stamp out abusive behaviour at Sunday’s Old Firm clash between Rangers and Celtic.

Inexperienced police officers will be taught sectarian songs in an effort to clamp down on bigotry during Sunday's Old Firm match. Picture: David Moir

Officers who have not policed an Old Firm game before will be told to identify songs which would contravene anti-bigotry laws as police gear up to stem unruly behaviour at Hampden Park.

A police insider told the Evening Times: “Obviously some of these songs are recognisable. But we will be making sure that all officers involved in policing the match are aware of what is acceptable and what is not. If you sing an offensive, sectarian song, we’ll arrest you.

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“We won’t allow sectarian singing in the stands and we won’t allow it in the streets and pub after the match.

“That’s why it is vital all officers - whether they have been involved in policing a Rangers v Celtic match before or not - are aware of what behaviour and songs to be aware of.”

Extra police are expected to be on duty as they make efforts to curb potential unrest over the course of the day.