‘They’ll rejoin Norway’: Readers react to Shetland map ‘problem’

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This week Shetland’s MSP, Tavish Scott of the Liberal Democrats, proposed new laws that would ensure that the islands are put “in the right place” on official maps of Scotland amid growing anger at them being featured in an enclosed box in the wrong part of the country.

Mr Scott said: “Shetlanders are rightly irked when they see Shetland placed in a box in the Moray Firth.”

It was a story that caused a stir among many of The Scotsman’s readers too...

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They {Scottish Government] really are getting petty, It’s put in the box simply due to scale and space on the paper. - Jim Thomas

Do as Shetland’s MSP demands or the oil and gas-rich archipelago will vote to secede and rejoin Norway! - Hog_Weed

Shetlands MSP called for the islands not to be drawn on in an enclosed box on maps.

Shetlands MSP called for the islands not to be drawn on in an enclosed box on maps.

The SNP don’t care about Shetland – they want to make it look like a sideshow. Glasgow and Dundee is all the SNP care about, and little else. They certainly have a policy of despising Edinburgh. - oneworld72

Oh, to live at a time when all the big political issues, health, education, housing, the economy etc, have been sorted and our politicians can trouble themselves with trivial irritations.- fc

Life, for most people, is a series of small events which have importance to them. For Tavish, his islands’ place on the map (now, rather than when he was a minister) is to the forefront of his concerns. Judge him as you like. - gavin

Where is the demand for Raasay, Muck, Eigg, Canna to be reinstated on that map? St Kilda does not appear either, nor a host of uninhabited islands around the coast. I demand that these ALL appear at scale. - Bibio

The US does the same for maps that include Hawaii and Alaska... -Common Sensei

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But some readers could see the sense in the SNP MSP’s suggestion..

On nautical charts it matters. Your boat gives out a nasty crunchy sound otherwise. - old clothes and porridge

I agree wholly. - Berlin Calling

If we are to represent the whole of Scotland to scale, the Central Belt will look so much more insignificant. Good. - SoHot

We’ll leave Jenny with the final word and a potential solution.

Surely the obvious answer to the Shetland problem is a small black arrow at the top of the box with the words “100 miles”? - Jenny Martin