Ginger hair emoji brought to messaging apps

The new ginger emoji. Picture: Emojipedia.
The new ginger emoji. Picture: Emojipedia.
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The arrival of the new ginger emoji has been cheered by Scots who campaigned for red-heads to be represented in messaging apps.

Unicode’s 11.0 update - which refreshes available emoji - released today officially brings ginger hair to phones and social media.

The updates will take time to filter through as tech firms update their operating system software.

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Emma Kelly, who helped raise a petition for the change, said it was great news.

Ms Kelly, who runs the website Ginger Parrot, told BBC: “We did feel a bit left out, so the ginger community is quite vocal about how pleased they are that it’s finally going to be included.

“I think probably every message I send from now on will have a ginger emoji in it, I almost felt like I didn’t want to use any emojis because there wasn’t one that looked like me.”