New Extinction Rebellion Bute group set-up to fight climate change

The newly formed Extinction Rebellion Bute group is set to host its first public event next Friday, spreading its message about climate change.
Emma Thomas and her children with leaflets for Extinction Rebellion Bute event.Emma Thomas and her children with leaflets for Extinction Rebellion Bute event.
Emma Thomas and her children with leaflets for Extinction Rebellion Bute event.

The new group hopes to encourage as many islanders as possible to attend a demonstration at Guildford Square from 12-5pm, with a mass gathering at 3.30pm.

The event is timed to coincide with the fourth youth strike and second global strike for climate change. The group will be on hand to provide information to locals about climate change and bring people together to show the strength of feeling on the island about the issue.

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Speaking about the event, Emma Thomas from the group said: “We have decided to hold the demonstration in Rothesay as we feel that our voices will be heard more clearly here, where we will stand out as representing our vulnerable coastal community rather than blending into the crowd in a larger city demonstration.

“The plan is essentially to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Many of us from the group will be there to provide information. We also hope to have as many people there as possible at 3.30pm.

“We want to encourage people who feel strongly about the cause to come and demonstrate. But also people who don’t really understand or are curious to come and talk to us and find out about it.

“The aim is try and have an event that will get coverage and make a point. But also to change the hearts and minds of community members.”

The new group already has 15 members, and 64 members on its Facebook page, but hopes this event encourages more people to join.

Emma said: “Our first meeting was last Monday. It feels like a bit of a whirlwind. But we thought if we want to do something we might as well get on with it. We are very vulnerable to climate change here. We have had mad snowfall and more frequent ferry disruption. The sea level is set to rise by between one and a half and two metres by the end of the century, which is really quite significant.

“We hope to get more members at this event. The day is intended to be family friendly and peaceful. We are not going to be supergluing ourselves to ferries or blocking roads.

“We just want to engage with as many people as possible and have our voices heard.”