Queen Elizabeth II: 12 pictures as thousands queue overnight in Edinburgh to pay respects to Queen

Thousands of people have queued through the night to see the Queen's coffin at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh.

While many people were warned to expect a 12-hour wait to see the monarch’s coffin at St Giles’ Cathedral, those who queued overnight said their wait-time was five or six hours.

Members of the public started going into the cathedral at about 6pm, and the procession was temporarily paused to allow the royal family to take part in a short vigil at about 8pm.

Lord Ian Duncan, the Deputy Speaker in the House of Lords, said crowds along the Royal Mile were “ten-deep”, while the streets surrounding the historic precinct were equally crammed with people.

“The sheer quantity of individuals moving into Edinburgh today (indicates) that there will be many tens – possibly even hundreds – of thousands of people who will wish to pay their respects to the late Queen,” Lord Duncan told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National programme on Tuesday morning.

Resting on top of the Queen's coffin at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh is the Crown of Scotland.

It dates back to the reign of James V, who was King of Scotland from 1513 until his death in 1542.