Deals 2022 podcast: The energy transition – charting a course from oil and gas to renewable energy

The war in Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions against Russia have reignited the debate surrounding the energy “trilemma” – balancing security of supply with affordability and environmental impact.

Stretching from oil and gas through to wind and solar, the energy industry is a key component of Scotland’s economy, both in the North-East and beyond.

With Scotland aiming to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2045, the industry is now accelerating the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

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While Scotland has led the way through the decarbonisation of its power sector, the even greater challenges of heating, transport, and energy efficiency lie ahead.

In the fourth episode of The Scotsman’s deals podcast series, we explore how Scotland’s deals market is gearing up to support the energy transition.

Callum Gray and Alasdair Green from accountancy firm AAB and Martin Ewan and Keith Patterson from law firm Brodies share their expertise on the energy industry and discuss opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

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