CBBC star dies of cystic fibrosis: Chelsie Whibley's death announced via tribute

Chelsie’s death was announced by her husband on social media.

Glyn Whibley announced Chelsie's death via a heartfelt tribute on Facebook. Photo: Glyn Whibley.
Glyn Whibley announced Chelsie's death via a heartfelt tribute on Facebook. Photo: Glyn Whibley.

It was announced on social media that CBBC star Chelsie Whibley has died following a long struggle with cystsic fibrosis, aged 30 years old. Whibley was taken to hospital in Southampton on Saturday, before passing away on Sunday morning.

Here’s more about the TV star and how she died.

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CBBC star dies of cystic fibrosis

“This morning Chelsie took a rapid turn for the worse and became unresponsive,” wrote her husband Glyn on social media on Sunday April 3rd. “It is with deepest regret that I have to inform everyone that our dearest beautiful Chelsie sadly passed away this afternoon at 2.45pm.

“It was very quick and she was not in any pain. I know you will all want to send your condolences but we ask to please limit it to comments below in this very distressing time.”

Later, Glyn Whibley added to his statement with a heartfelt tribute to his late wife.

"I cannot put into words the heartbreak I am now feeling without you here,” he wrote. “Waking up without you by my side just feels so wrong and I’m waiting to realise that this is all just a terrible dream… but sadly I know it is not. From the first time we met I knew that this day would come but I knew you were the one I wanted to spend my life with… and it has been an incredible life… one that I would not change for anything in the world.

“You were such an inspiration to me and so many others, with such vigour and determination to prove the doctors wrong and keep living on. We have made so many memories together that I will treasure for the rest of my life and I thank you for choosing me to share your life with!”

What is cystic fibrosis?

According to the NHS, cystic fibrosis is an inherited condition that affects the lungs and digestive system, causing mucus to buildup. It often leads to lung infections and digestive problems.

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As an incurable condition, it often starts to develop in childhood and worsens over time. Although there are treatments available to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life, life expectancy is sadly shortened for the roughly 10,600 people in the UK with the disease.

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