Glasgow skylineGlasgow skyline
Glasgow skyline

Picture quiz: Can you name these 12 Glasgow streets?

How well do you know Scotland’s largest city?

Not only is Glasgow the biggest city in Scotland in terms of population (around 125,000 inhabitants more than Edinburgh) it’s also clearly the largest in terms of size, boasting 142.3 square miles to Edinburgh's 102.

As a result, it has its fair share of notable streets and roads weaving throughout .

Distract yourself from the current global crisis – even if it’s just for a minute or two – by going through these 12 images and seeing if you can name each and every one.

There are some fairly easy ones – hang your head in shame if you get zero – but there are a fair few that could catch you out.

Answers will be revealed on page 4. Jot down your answers and see how many you get.