Mystery surrounds big cat sighting in Bonnyrigg

More sightings have been made of the mysterious large black cat which has been spotted roaming in and around Bonnyrigg in recent years.

One user poster on the Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Residents Forum Facebook page revealing she saw the creature this month in Cockpen Woods sparked dozens of comments from other people claiming to have seen it.

The forum’s administrator said: “People who mention it on the page are not the kind of people to make that up.

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“It has been fascinating to see how people have come forward to say

“I thought it was a bit crazy but I saw it too’.

“It seems a bit strange but it looks like there is some credibility to it. The people talking about it are serious people who can’t believe they have seen it but they have.

“From what’s in the thread it looks like it has been seen right across Bonnyrigg.

“The sightings always seem to be late at night.”

Paul Dunham from Eskbank Road, Bonnyrigg spotted the big cat in January while walking his dog and took the above photograph.

He told the Midlothian Advertiser: “It was about 10pm. I was walking down the railway towards Tesco from Waverley Park, when my chocolate lab Coco stopped in her tracks and wouldn’t come to my call as normal.

“As I walked closer to her I saw whatever it was in the photo on the side of the path.

“It never looked up or towards me but as I got up to Coco it walked towards the centre of the path, turned away from me and back into the bushes where it came out from. “