My perfect weekend: Jason Wright, chef

Jason Wright, 26, is head chef at Steak Edinburgh.

1 Who would be your ideal weekend companion? My fiancée, Tamar, as we never get a weekend off together and it’s well overdue.

2 Where would you take her in Edinburgh? We’d get a wee munch for the bus and take a trip to Ikea and sit at the very front upstairs! I don’t care what they say about them – the meatballs are worth the journey!

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3 Where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner and why? Well for breakfast we’d go to The Haven as they serve breakfast all day and it’s at the bottom of my street, then lunch would be a nice casual affair at Cafe Maralayne, and to finish for dinner we’d take a trip to Brasserie de Luxe. My good friend Fraser Allan’s the head chef and his food’s a highlight to finish any weekend.

4 What item could you not be without and why? It’s going to be the usual answer of the iPhone as they’ve taken over everything and I’m always on call to someone, even on a day off, and that way I can answer e-mails as well. But if I’m being honest, it would be my Mk II Chopper Chantelle (I’m a bit of a vintage bike buff).

5 How would you finish your perfect weekend? Our weekend together would end on the couch watching Walking Dead and me making my way through a massive bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, a cup of tea and pushing Tamar’s feet off my knees because I don’t want to rub them!