My Edinburgh: Amy Thompson, TV presenter

Amy Thompson, the TV presenter and actress who once worked at the Festival Theatre box office, introduces children's show Milkshake! Date of Birth: 26/09/1981

If you had a time machine, which Edinburgh concert would you relive? Sad to say I've never been to a concert here, but I would love it if the Festival was all year round. I could happily keep re-living that. I'm not sure most residents would agree with me though.

What is your favourite Edinburgh theatre? I love the Festival Theatre, as I used to work there, but my favourite venue in Edinburgh is probably the Underbelly caves, during the festival.There's so much atmosphere down there and I love the dank, fusty smell. It's very eerie and historical.

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Who would you choose to headline Edinburgh's Hogmanay? Kings of Leon - my favourite band - and Phillip Schofield as the host.

Name three regular haunts in the Capital that you could not live without. Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein's and the Lane Bar at the Assembly Rooms during the festival.

Separated at birth: Edinburgh and . . . ? Drunkenness.

Who or what in Edinburgh inspires you? Princes Street Gardens, it's so peaceful. Being relaxed helps to focus.

Do you think the city is a friendly place to live? Yes, very friendly.

Car, bike or bus - how do you get around town? Car, and I like to walk as much as possible.

Come August do you love the Festival or loathe it? Love, love, love the Festival. My favourite time of year in Edinburgh.

If you couldn't be in Edinburgh, where else would you rather be? Hull, where I was born and bred.

Princes Street or George Street? George Street. I always seem to be walking in the opposite direction to EVERYBODY else down Princes Street, no matter which way I am going.

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If we elected our Lord Provost, who would you like in the position? Phillip Schofield. He can do no wrong for me.

What's the biggest change you've seen in the city? The blooming upheaval of the roads for the blooming tram.

When away from home what do you most miss about Edinburgh? The unique smell the city had from the brewery. I call it the Edinburgh whiff.

Could you recommend a restaurant? Muang Thai on Hanover Street. The best Thai I've ever had.

Name one attraction no visitor to the city should miss. The underground Haunted Vaults ghost walk.

Sell Edinburgh to a stranger in no more than ten words. Beautiful, haunting, eclectic, relaxing, fresh, fun, friendly, engaging, great vibe. (And: Great food, great people, not to be missed).

The characters and presenters from Milkshake!, the hit children's TV programme on Five, are back with a new stage show at the Festival Theatre from today. Running time: 2 x 40 mins with interval.

Running daily on Five, from 6-9am Monday to Friday, 7-10am on Saturdays and 6-10am on Sundays