Murderer ‘sent swastika and blood threat letters’

ONE of Scotland’s youngest female murderers sent letters covered in blood and scrawled with swastikas threatening to torture and kill a solicitor and a woman she had a grudge against, a court heard today.

Nicolle Earley, pictured in 2010, conceals her face as she is escorted from court. Picture: Jane Barlow
Nicolle Earley, pictured in 2010, conceals her face as she is escorted from court. Picture: Jane Barlow

• Nicolle Earley, 21, sent letters covered in blood and swastikas threatening to kill a solicitor and a woman in Fife, a court has heard

• Earley, serving a life sentence in Cornton Vale prison for the murder of a Fife grandmother, is given an additional 18 month sentence for sending gruesome notes

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• Twenty-one-year-old threatened to cannibalise lawyer Ken Dalling, and praised killers Anders Breivik and Charles Manson

• Letters were sent as a “joke”, Earley told police when interviewed in March

Nicolle Earley said she would cannibalise respected court lawyer Ken Dalling “like Hannibal Lecter” and send his face to a mask factory and hang it on her wall.

She praised serial killer Charles Manson, called Norwegian camp massacre gunman Anders Breivik a “legend”, and sent numerous letters to the pair in which she threatened they would be taken from their families, shot, and beheaded.

Earley, 21, sent the letters from her cell at Cornton Vale prison, where she was serving a life sentence for killing a Fife grandmother, Ann Gray, in her home in Crosshill, near Dunfermline, on 14 November 2008.

Earley was just 16 when she booted and stamped 63-year-old Mrs Gray to death in a row over a borrowed cigarette.

At Dunfermline Sheriff Court today she was sentenced to an additional 18 months in prison after sending gruesome, detailed threats to Stirling-based solicitor Dalling and Fife woman Karyn McCann.

Beverley Adam, prosecuting, said the letters were sent to Miss McCann between May 11 and June 22 in 2012, following a party at Miss McCann’s house where Earley’s sister attended and had to be rushed to hospital after her drink was spiked.

She said that Earley had heard what happened, decided that it was Miss McCann’s fault, and then sent her five threatening letters.

The depute fiscal read the court the letters, which said: “Watch what you’re doing if you want to keep living the way you are, but nothing will save you, not even the Five-O [the police].

“You will be taken somewhere quiet, put in a line, knelt down, and shot in the head.

“There is 11 people who want to do you in, four want to torture you, four want to take your daughter, two want to kill you, and one wants to smash you in for fun.

“Hannibal Lecter, Charles Manson and Anders Breivik have all inspired me.”

Miss Adam said that another letter was sent to Miss McCann covered in blood, it said: “Die Karen, die. The blood will all be yours soon.

“You will be killed slowly and made to suffer, I’ll put you in the ground and my game is complete.”

Another letter had a picture of a swastika on and Earley said she would use Miss McCann’s head for “target practice” before “shooting you for real”.

The court heard that she then went on to send a series of threatening letters to Mr Dalling between November 8-27 last year, claiming that one of her prison pals had asked her to do it.

The letter said: “Do you have fears of getting tortured or having your family members taken away? That’s what will happen.

“There are people you are defending soon and you better get them out.

“There are people watching you.

“You will be put through f****** hell.

“Do you want to donate your face to a mask factory because it would look good on my wall.

“Are you a fan of Hannibal? I will rip you apart and eat you.

“There will be a time your home will be a ticking bomb, check your car for ticking.

“You know the guy in Norway, Anders Brevik? They want to do something like that to you.

“I can get them to take you away, tie you up and make you suffer for a long while, you can be taken to the middle of nowhere and shot in the head, get your eyes replaced with mirrors.

“You will suffer as someone you love will be taken away from you.”

One of the letters had a picture of a decapitated man, saying “your head if you go to the police.”

The letters went on: “Hey p****** boy. If I wasn’t locked up I would have taken you away in the back of a van and just watched the guys go at you and hear you scream.

“Judge Robertson [Stirling Sheriff Wyllie Robertson] can join you as well if he likes.

“I will have your ear cut off and your tongue ripped out

“You will be taken home in the night and left at your front door.”

The depute fiscal said the letters were taken for forensic examination in Dundee and steps were taken by police to ensure Mr Dalling and his family were safe.

In March this year police interviewed Earley at Falkirk Police Station where she admitted sending the letters as a “joke”.

Earley, whose address was given as care of Polmont Prison, pleaded guilty to two charges of sending threatening or abusive letters, and a charge of threatening to kill or cause serious harm to Ken Dalling and his family and damage vehicles and property.

Solicitor-advocate Gordon Martin, defending, said: “She accepts the letters would have been threatening.

“None of the things in the letters would have came to pass, she is not someone who has connections with people who could carry out these threats.

“She wants to apologise to both complainers.”

Sheriff Craig McSherry sentenced her to 18 months imprisonment, consecutive to her current sentence.