Multiple ownership issues causing delays in demolition of Bainsford eyesore

Work to demolish an eyesore building has hit a snag due to multiple ownership issues with the property.

The red sandstone Bainsford building, known locally as the Big Bar, was expected to be torn down during the summer after Falkirk Council announced it would be putting the work out to tender last month.

However, there is no fixed demolition date in place and the local authority, which is still locked in dialogue with the 23 property owners of the building, has confirmed the intitial project has been put back.

A council spokesman said: “As with any property in multiple ownership, liaising with the respective owners has been time consuming — this has unfortunately led to delays in our original plans.

The Big Bar in Bainsford is due to be knocked down


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“We are making progress and survey work on part of an adjacent building is scheduled to be carried out soon. This will allows us to finalise the tendering work for demolition.

“At this stage there are no confirmed dates for demolition but as soon as we award the tender, we will have a better idea of what can be achieved and when.”

Large parts of the Big Bar’s roof were destroyed in a fire in 2005 and although some retail properties continued operating from the ground floor, the majority of flats on upper levels have lain empty ever since.

Numerous calls have been made for the building — situated at the corner of David’s Loan and Main Street — to be flattened since then.


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The building and adjacent pavement were fenced off last month after part of the ornamental masonry from the structure was found on the ground.

The discovery also led to the closure of a pedestrian crossing at the location.

Over the years, the local authority has faced several calls to use a Compulsory Purchase Order to allow the demolition to go ahead.

Falkirk Council has been forced to act on a number of occasions in recent months to carry out emergency repair work to ensure the building remained safe.