MSP Margo in bid to join the management

ONE of the Scottish Parliament's chief critics was today bidding to join its management committee.

Independent Lothians MSP Margo MacDonald said the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body should not be the sole preserve of the big parties.

The SPCB is chaired by the presiding officer and has four other places, all of which have so far been filled by Labour, the SNP, Tories and Liberal Democrats.

SNP MSP Andrew Welsh stood down to concentrate on constituency duties and his party has nominated Lothians MSP Kenny MacAskill in his place.

But Ms MacDonald said the corporate body should not be a party political forum.

She said: "The parliament as an institution is not the preserve of whichever party wins an election. It has to be cherished, protected and allowed to evolve and develop in sympathy with the people who send us here and trust us to strive to do this, unhindered by the different priorities and concerns of competing political parties."