MP wants foster carers exempt from ‘bed tax’

Midlothian Labour MP David Hamilton has called on the UK government to amend its “cruel” policy of failing to recognise the existence of foster children under the so-called bedroom tax.

He said cutting benefits for social housing tenants with a spare bedroom failed to exempt foster carers and even classed a room occupied by a child as empty.

He said: “Foster carers need to have a spare room; it’s a part of the requirements for them to look after a child.

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“For the government not to recognise this is madness. It’s bad enough that foster carers aren’t exempt from this penalty between assignments.

“But the government is refusing to count a foster child even when that child is placed with the family.

“In my opinion, any room which is used to provide safe accommodation to a vulnerable child cannot be called ‘spare’.”

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