Motorist’s fury at ‘half-hearted’ bid to fix problem hole

A FED-UP motorist claims a problem pothole which blew her tyre was fixed by workmen – only for the road problem to return days later.

The stubborn road indent clearly was not fixed properly, according to disgruntled Lyn Blackhall, who was left with a £75 garage bill after hitting the 

She said the council is “leaving itself open to compensation claims” by failing to fix potholes properly and is urging workies to permanently fix road scarring rather than gloss over the problem.

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Lyn said: “It’s cost me a lot of money for something that was totally out of my control.

“What is our road tax being spent on if it isn’t fixing our roads? I’m going to copy my invoice and send it to them with a rant.”

She was driving to work in her Toyota Aygo last Wednesday when she felt a colossal bump as she was driving down East Preston Street, Newington.

However, she did not know the full extent of the damage until she went to use her car at the weekend.

“My car seemed OK at the time but when I went to get in it on Saturday morning my tyre was as flat as a pancake.

“I got the breakdown people out and they towed it to a garage where I was told the side wall of my tyre was damaged. He said the tyre was wrecked and I would have to have the wheel realigned.”

Lyn, 58, went back to the spot to take a photograph to send to the council – and found the pothole had already been fixed.

But when she drove along the same road the following day, she was disappointed to find the hole had re-appeared.

“This is a very busy street with buses and ambulances because it’s a main drag. The council really need to pull their 
finger out and do something to fix it.

“How much will that cost to fill once or twice a week? They should just get it sorted properly the first time.

“There are other similar potholes in Causewayside. They too have had half-hearted repairs done.”

Lyn spoke out after we revealed how cyclist Chloe Torrance, 24, of Clermiston, was left nursing horror injuries following a bicycle spill she blames on shoddy road conditions near Murrayfield.

She now faces plastic surgery after hitting a sunken grate. Incredibly, resident Mike Armstrong, 53, of Blackhall, has twice reported problems with drain covers to the council in the same street as Chloe’s accident.

He said: I don’t believe in compensation claims but I do believe that when things are reported, they should be fixed.”