Motorist fined over row with bus driver

A MOTORIST snapped at a bus driver and subjected him to a torrent of abuse before grabbing him through his window in front of his passengers, a court heard yesterday.

John Millar, 33, jumped out of his car as he thought George McMillan had driven too close to him. Millar shouted and swore at Mr McMillan before struggling with the bus driver through the open window.

At Falkirk Sheriff Court, Millar of Torlea Place, Larbert, Stirlingshire, pled guilty to committing a breach of the peace by shouting, swearing and struggling with Mr McMillan and placing him in a state of fear and alarm.

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Millar's plea of not guilty to assaulting the bus driver, seizing hold of his clothing and repeatedly punching him, was accepted by the crown.

Solicitor-advocate Neil Hay, defending, said Mr McMillan had admitted he had played his part in the struggle, but that Millar knew this was a "serious matter". Mr Hay said: "There was a struggle. He went round to the other side of the bus and the door was opened by the bus driver.

"George McMillan admits he removed his glasses and asked my client to come in and 'help himself'. After this incident the bus driver was charged with a breach of the peace, but those charges were dropped by the prosecution.

"My client is 33. He works as a commercial tyre fitter and is married with two children. He knows this is a serious matter in connection with a public service vehicle driver."

Sheriff William Gallacher said that Millar behaved in a "completely inappropriate" manner and fined him 300. "Even if it were to be that the bus driver acted inappropriately, it doesn't exculpate your client," the sheriff said. "Presumably there were a number of people on the bus and his behaviour is completely inappropriate."

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