Mother tells trial she woke to find her baby 'floppy'

A MOTHER broke down yesterday after telling a jury that the morning after her first night out since giving birth she found her six-week-old baby "floppy" and "out of it".

The woman, 29, said that she woke up to find her baby son "lethargic" and with a swollen lip.

The witness, who cannot be named, said she had left her son in the care of Raymond McPhee while she went for a night out in Aberdeen with a friend.

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She said McPhee, 23, had sent her a text message during dinner which read: "This child is driving me mad. He just won't go to sleep. The little bastard."

She told the court that he texted her again later that evening, saying: "I was sleeping when I heard a thud and he fell of the bed. Lol (laugh out loud]. He is okay though. Might have a fat lip."

When she woke in the morning, the mother said, the baby would not take the bottle from her.

"He was moaning. It wasn't a sound I had heard before," she said. "He was unresponsive too."

McPhee, of Moir Crescent, Aberdeen, denies attempted murder. The trial continues.

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