More killed in accidents at workplace

THE number of work-related deaths in Edinburgh and the Lothians has risen in the past year, sparking warnings to employers to take health and safety seriously.

According to figures released for 2009-10, there were three workplace fatalities in the area, an increase of two. There were 302 serious workplace injuries, down 96 from the previous year. Across the UK, the total number of work-related deaths is at a record low.

Dr Paul Stollard, director for HSE in Scotland, said: "The national fall in numbers of workers killed or injured through their work is encouraging, but we must also remember that each death results in a family missing a loved one.

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"Employers must stay vigilant and learn the lessons from the past to ensure they protect their workers in the future."

The new figures show that in Edinburgh last year, there were 220 major injuries recorded in the workplace, and 693 which kept an employee off for more than three days.

Across Scotland, there were 2625 serious workplace injuries.