Mobile phone mast unlikely to get through

A MOBILE phone mast earmarked for a disused footpath in Davidson's Mains looks set to fall foul of planning chiefs amid fears it would clash with the future appearance of the area.

The proposed 12-metre high telecoms mast in Marchfield Park Lane, off Hillhouse Road, would be sited in a lane which leads to a deserted mansion.

As well as the phone mast, the project would include a small equipment cabinet and a meter cabinet.

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But plans in the pipeline to develop that site may mean that the mobile phone mast is thrown out by planners, since it could be deemed visually incompatible with the potential layout and design of any development.

Other concerns noted by Alan Henderson, the city's planning and strategy boss, were that the application did not constitute the most efficient position for a new mast, as it would be close to two other installations.

Mr Henderson said in his report to councillors: "The applicant's list [of potential sites] is not exhaustive and there may be more suitable alternative sites towards the Telford Road junction or on the south side of Craigcrook Road."