Millennials branded 'biggest moaners'

People spend up to 10,168 minutes a year moaning - with Millennials the worst culprits, a report has claimed.

Complaints about colleagues are one of the most common moans.
Complaints about colleagues are one of the most common moans.

A survey found that over half the nation admit to a daily groan and one in five moan more than three times a day, resulting in 1,016 moans per year, for 169 hours.

Millennials are the biggest whingers, with two in three moaning every single day and with each episode lasting an average of 14.3 minutes, 1.4 times the national average of 10 minutes) and almost 2.5 times the over 55s, who only typically complain for 5.9 minutes.

When people aren’t complaining about the weather or relationships, it is the workplace which takes up much of the moaning time, with annoying colleagues coming out on top, ahead of work mates not pulling their weight and rude clients.

The study has also discovered that the stereotypical British complaint about the weather reigns true, with this topping the list of moans alongside politics.

Meanwhile, lack of sleep, workplace dramas and poor customer service are also considered top fodder for a rant.

Charlotte Fielding, head of Privilege Car Insurance, which carried out the research, said: “As a British brand we wanted to understand whether us Brits still fall into the stereotype of being a whingey nation. These findings reveal that the top things we tend to moan about are the weather and politics – no surprises there.”