Miliband reveals fears for first-time house-buyers

A GENERATION is growing up in Britain which is in danger of being unable to afford to buy their own homes until they are middle-aged, Ed Miliband was to warn today.

In a keynote speech at the Royal Festival Hall in London, the Labour leader was to accuse David Cameron of betraying the young - saying that they were being forced to bear an unfair share of the government's cuts.

"The Jam generation" of politicians - such as Mr Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne who grew up listening to the iconic band in the 1980s and now dominate government - is, he is expected to say, in danger of creating the "jilted generation".

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"The average age of first time buyers was 30 in the mid-1980s. Today, it stands at 37. Our generation of politicians must act soon or people will be waiting until their 40s before they buy their first home," the leader of the Labour Party was expected to say.