Mike Russell hits out at Google over Jura map snub

SCOTLAND’S education secretary has slammed internet giants Google for failing to restore Jura to its maps more than two weeks after they lost it.

Now you see it: Google have yet to amend the error on a version of their map which sees Jura disappear into the sea. Picture: Google

• Mike Russell criticises Google after they fail to reinstate Jura to its map

• Education secretary says he had already complained to search engine giant about mis-spellings of place names

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Mike Russell said he was “disappointed” that Google did not seem to regard rescuing Jura from the waves as a priority.

The island, which is famed for its whisky, a murderous whirlpool and being the place where George Orwell penned 1984, was noticed missing from Google Maps on July 4.

Mike Russell, who is also the MSP for Argyll and Bute, said: “I think they have had enough time now to sort the fault.

“It is disappointing that they don’t seem to regard getting their maps right as a priority.

“I would have thought making sure every part of the globe was on it was fairly basic to the making of any map, on paper or online.“

“I was alerted to the problem with the disappearing island of Jura at the end of last week but Google had told one of my constituents then that they had the correction in hand.”

Mr Russell said it was not the first time Google had done harm to his beloved Argyll.

He said: “I have already had to complain to Google about mis-spellings for places in Argyll such as the Island of Gometra.”

The map error was first noticed on July 4, but two weeks later on Google have yet to rectify the glitch.

Google have apologised for the problem and promised to restore the Hebrides to its normal state.

A spokeswoman said: “We’re aware of the problem, and our engineers are beavering away to fix it.”

No-one was available from the firm to respond to Mr Russell’s complaint.

Jura is visible in the satellite view of Google Maps but in the maps view it disappears, leaving only a main road which snakes into the Atlantic.

It only has around 200 residents that live in an area of approximately 140 square miles.

The island is also renowned for its deer, which outnumber the people 25 to one.

It is only accessible by a small ferry that stops running at 18.30, small boats from Colonsay to Loch Tarbert or by water taxi.

Grant Rozga, an Isle of Jura resident joked: “We are sinking, Jura is going under no doubt about it, it’s like the Day After Tomorrow over here, we’ve had to evacuate all the northern states!”

He added: “No one’s really too fussed about it here although it’s a little strange it’s just Jura that seems to be missing!”