Mike Crockart calls on police to submit info

A CITY MP has written to all Chief Constables in Scotland, asking for them to ensure that every missing person report filed is submitted to the Missing Persons Bureau.

This is a legal obligation in England and Wales, but in Scotland is simply "best practice", with no legal obligation on police forces to comply.

Mike Crockart, MP for Edinburgh West, said: "Without all information on unidentified bodies and missing persons from local police forces being shared with the Missing Persons Bureau there is a clear risk of loopholes and data gaps, leading to distress and uncertainty for families across the UK when they are desperate to know what has happened to their loved ones.

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"As an ex-police officer, I recently co-chaired a UK Parliamentary inquiry into cross-matching unidentified bodies with missing person reports, in conjunction with the All-Party Group on Runaway and Missing Children and Adults.

"Clearly this relies on two sets of data being held by the Missing Persons Bureau - both the missing person reports and information about unidentified bodies, on a country-wide basis."