Michelle Thomson: Diary of a new MP, day 5

HAVING slept well in my own bed, I wake up early and indulge in the small luxury of walking my dog early.

Michelle Thomson. Picture: Greg Macvean
Michelle Thomson. Picture: Greg Macvean

I’m told he was moping all week and reluctant to leave his space at the front door where he was waiting for me to come home.

I always knew that it would be a huge commitment commuting to London most weeks; not just for the MPs, but for their families.

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I’m glad that my children are now grown-up and, although I miss them, it’s not the same pressure as when they are small.

My husband will work longer hours during the week and we’ll resolve to ensure the precious time we have together is well spent.

I’ve managed to recruit one member of staff and we’ve set about creating a grand to-do list.

Much of this is administration which is vital to ensure any constituency office runs smoothly.

I thought I’d be more tired after a very busy week, but I lose energy when I’m not doing something I enjoy rather than the other way round!

It’s the SNP branch celebration tonight – and my chance to say thanks to the small army of volunteers who gave their time so willingly 
to help obtain an SNP win.

Politics is always local, and parties fare best where they have people who live in the constituency rather than bringing in volunteers from other places.

Tomorrow I’ll take some time to reflect on the end of fantastic first week!

• Michelle Thomson is SNP MP for the Edinburgh West constituency