Message in a bottle sent from Ireland found washed up on Isle of Skye

A message in a bottle posted by a Scottish schoolgirl on a visit to Northern Ireland a year ago has been found on the Isle of Skye.

The message was sent while Morgan, from Fife, was on holiday in Belfast.

Ten-year-old Morgan McGhee from Leven wrote a letter along with her ticket to Belfast's Titanic Museum, put it in a bottle and dropped it into the North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland, in August 2016. The bottle then washed up on the beach on the Isle of Skye.

She wrote: "I'm just loving Belfast after a great day at the Titanic Centre. This was my ticket. I come from Leven in Fife, Scotland. Please post on Facebook if you find me."

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The letter was accompanied by Morgan's ticket to the attraction, with a date stamp of 13 August 2016.

The bottle was found by holidaymaker Anne Turton from Yorkshire, while she was visiting Lorgill bay, Duirinish, on Skye on Thursday last week.

She posted a picture of the bottle to Facebook, where it was shared and was later seen by Maureen White, Morgan's mother.

She wrote: "Hi Anne Turton...this is my daughter's letter that she put in a bottle whilst over in Belfast at the Titanic experience with her aunt Madge and Lecky MacDonald...I have just shown it to her and she's over the moon."