McDonald’s volunteers tackle Larbert’s rubbish blight

McDonald’s franchisee Elliot Jardine and crew from two McDonald’s restaurants in Falkirk have teamed up with Falkirk Councillor Paul Garner to clean up Larbert’s Stirling Road.

The 24 volunteers joined Falkirk FC Community Champion Stan Antczak, who chose the location for the event, starting at Dorrator Bridge and collecting an impressive haul of 20 binbags full of other people’s litter.

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Elliot Jardine said: “I was really proud to see everyone come together and help tidy up Larbert, and I’d like to thank Stan for giving up his time to be involved in our event.

“It’s a key priority of ours to ensure that the local area remains free of litter and an enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

“We’re also making improvements in-store too, with all restaurants in Scotland having front-of-house recycling facilities in which all packaging, including paper cups, can be separated for them to be recycled.”