Man’s bike stolen, returned in better condition

A SCOTTISH man has had his stolen bike returned - in better condition than before.

A custom-built chopper bike was stolen from a man in Arbroath - and then returned in better condition. Picture: PA

Douglas Illingworth, 37, from Arbroath had his custom-built chopper stolen in May then his second ride, a red beach cruiser, was taken at from the same spot on Saturday.

The stonemason, originally from Montrose, said he regularly left his bike behind Peppos Fish and Chip Bar in Arbroath in an enclosed courtyard whilst he visited his partner who lives nearby.

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He said that the shop owner had told him it was safe to do so. bMr Illingworth said: “As soon as I noticed my

bike was missing on Saturday, I posted it all over Facebook to make people aware.

“The following day, I received a phone call from a woman saying she thought her dad had purchased my bike from someone and wanted to come and return it.”

Mr Illingworth was shocked to find when his bike was returned the next day it had been given a complete facelift.

He said: “It’s crazy, it was stolen with broken handle bars, it was in need of being fixed up but I never imagined it happening this way.

“I was so gob smacked at the difference in my bike that I forgot to ask the man who returned it his name.

“He’d completely fixed it up, put new handlebars on it and repaired the brakes - he never even charged me any money.

“He said he had bought it from a foreign man for £15, so the mystery still remains [as] to who stole it in he first place.

“Before it was stolen, I couldn’t even ride the thing and now it’s in amazing condition.

“I’m so chuffed to have it back.”