Man faces court over rape, abuse charges spanning 30 years

A MAN is to stand trial charged with raping two women '“ including claims he also tried to kill one.

The High Court in Glasgow. File picture
The High Court in Glasgow. File picture

Eric Fiddler today faced the allegations – which span almost 30 years - during a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow.

The 53-year-old is said to have physically and sexually abused the first woman between 1986 and 1988 in Livingston, West Lothian.

The attempted murder charge includes claims he did “dictate” the woman’s diet, finances, when she bathed and what she wore.

He is also said to have forced her to sleep on the floor under a cot.

It is then claimed – that during a van journey – he unclipped the woman’s seatbelt, opened the door and pushed her out the vehicle.

The accusation further states Fiddler left the woman unconscious – while she was pregnant – after pressing a pillow over her face.

Fiddler is also charged with raping and indecently assaulting her.

He is then accused of carrying out alleged rapes on a second woman between 2012 and 2013.

The attacks are said to have taken place in Livingston as well as Arrochar, Argyll.

Fiddler is separately charged with assaulting this woman including claims he did “control her contact with others”.

He is finally accused of assaulting a third female in 2014.

Fiddler today/yesterday pled not guilty to a total of 18 charges.

Judge Lord Burns set a trial due to begin on August 11 at the High Court in Edinburgh.

The case is expected to last around seven days.