Man arrested over ‘aggressive mopping’ incident

A US man has been arrested after he was accused of ‘aggressive mopping’.

The man was charged with 'aggressive mopping'. Picture: Dan Philips

John Thornton, a guest at the Double Tree Hotel in Bristol, Connecticut, reportedly took umbrage with the way a hotel cleaner was mopping the floors.

The 30-year-old reportedly grabbed the mop from the worker and cleaned the floor himself.

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But a police report into Mr Thornton’s arrest claimed he had been ‘mopping aggressively’ and started cleaning the employee’s shoes several times.

The hotel guest is then said to have stopped mopping but backed the cleaner into a corner, leaving her ‘crying and shaken’.

Police were called to the hotel where Mr Thornton was charged with breach of the peace.

He was also charged with second-degree threatening behaviour after allegedly shouting insults and threats as he was taken to the police station.