Maisie the Labrador survives riverside cliff fall

A DOG-OWNING couple have thanked rescuers after their pet survived a 40ft plunge down an embankment.

Maisie, a black Labrador, fell during a river walk near Forres in Moray and became snagged in tree branches.

Chris and Pippa Roberts called the fire service and crews from Elgin and Forres rescued the animal in a two-hour operation.

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Mrs Roberts said: “Maisie ran off and because it had been snowing we were able to follow her footprints to the edge of the cliff which is where they stopped.

“We knew she had fallen down and we could hear her but we couldn’t see her due to the sheer drop.

“After around half an hour Maisie’s crying stopped, which was awful as we thought she had fallen into the water and drowned.

“We had given up all hope until the fire and rescue service arrived and told us she was alive.

“It was absolutely wonderful and we’re so thankful to everyone involved in her rescue.”

The incident happened as Mr and Mrs Roberts took Maisie and their other dog Molly along the Logie Estate river walk last week.

David Farquharson, watch manager at Elgin Fire Station, said: “We couldn’t go over the side of the cliff as it was sheer drop so the best route was across the water.

“Two men went into the river and climbed up onto a ledge to reach the dog. They calmed her down before swimming her down river. We’re glad the owners contacted the fire service. In the past people have entered the water to retrieve their pet and got into difficulty themselves.”