Mackie’s of Scotland scoops additional listings in Asda stores across the UK

Mackie's ice cream is now available in 284 Asda stores across England and Scotland. Mackie’s Raspberry Ripple flavour, previously only available in Scotland, is now in Asda England stores.

Aberdeenshire based Mackie’s of Scotland has worked with Asda to extend its popular ice cream flavours into 284 Asda stores across England and Scotland, while also launching its Raspberry Ripple flavour into English stores for the first time.

The family-run business has been making real dairy ice cream since 1986, from its renewably powered 1600-acre farm. The family farm is home to Mackie’s herd of over 350 milking cows supplying fresh milk and cream. Mackie’s is Scotland’s best-selling ice cream, and the UK’s biggest independent ice cream brand.

Stuart Common, Managing Director at Mackie’s said:

Mackie's of Scotland FlavoursMackie's of Scotland Flavours
Mackie's of Scotland Flavours
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“We’re thrilled to stock more of our delicious flavours in Asda stores south of the border. We’ve seen fantastic growth over the past few years as more and more shoppers are discovering our different flavours, and we’re delighted to announce our latest Asda listing to see that growth continue.

“We’ve had hundreds of thousands of ice cream fans try Mackie’s for the first time over the last few years, and we’re delighted that Asda is helping them discover new flavours to enjoy.

“We make all of our ice cream with fresh milk and cream, and no artificial flavourings, giving it a pure and wholesome taste – we’re really pleased Asda have shown such confidence in our products, and look forward to new customers being able to try them.”

Ashley Connolly, Local Buying Manager, Asda Scotland, added:

“We're proud to support the growth of a local business from Scotland that has been so well-loved by our customers in Scottish stores, now being listed in stores in England for the first time. We’ve worked with Mackie’s for over 25 years and have witnessed the continuous strong performance and loyal shoppers the products bring to our stores.”

Stuart Common added:

“As our business continues to grow and we’re supplying major retailers like Asda, we think it’s vital to be mindful of our energy consumption. We generate twice as much energy as we use through wind turbines, solar panels and low carbon refrigeration on our farm, and are well on our way to achieving our goal of self-sufficiency in renewable energy.”

To buy the Mackie’s of Scotland range, shop online or head to your local Asda store in England or Scotland.