Lottery couple revel in £2m win

SCOTLAND'S latest Lottery millionaires Brian and Ann Sharp, who scooped more than £2 million on the Lotto jackpot, were enjoying the champagne lifestyle at Hearts' Tynecastle Stadium in Edinburgh yesterday.

But Mr Sharp, 48, an electrician, who vowed to "keep his feet on the ground", volunteered to work the night shift 24 hours after becoming a millionaire when his bosses at RBS headquarters at Gogarburn in Edinburgh could not find anyone to cover for him.

"Two of us were working together and I was joking saying: 'You can't expect me to lift this, I'm a millionaire'," Mr Sharp said.

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The Sharps, both Hearts fans from Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, won on each of their seven lottery lines on Saturday night after paying 7 for their online stake. They won a quarter share of a jackpot worth more than 8m with the winning numbers 34, 37, 39, 41, 42, and 47 giving them 2,033,705.

This was boosted to 2,046,689 by matching five numbers on the other six lines.

Mrs Sharp, 48, an admin assistant, said: "I was watching the draw on my own when I saw our numbers coming up. I phoned Brian at work and I said, 'I think we've won the Lottery. You'd better come home.'"

The couple's plans for the future include buying Hearts' season tickets for themselves and friends, a larger home in the Musselburgh area, and a special holiday in Australia or America to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary later this year.

Mr Sharp added: "Ann is hoping to give up work, but I need to hang on until a replacement is found since I work with high voltage equipment and don't want to leave them in the lurch."

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