Lothians ‘Forrest Gump’ runs 8,850km across America

A Lothians runner dubbed the “British Forest Gump” has completed an epic 8,850km trip across the Americas - but is planning to run a further 10,000km.

Jamie Ramsay pushes his belongings in a baby stroller. Picture: HeMedia

Jamie Ramsay, 35, spent 12 years working behind a desk for a financial communications firm and felt he was losing out on the chance to explore the world.

He set off in August last year from Vancouver, with plans to run from Canada through the USA and across South America.

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And on Tuesday Jamie finally reached Panama.

Jamie Ramsay. Picture: HeMedia

All his equipment and supplies are carried in a baby stroller which he pushes while running, and so far he has raised more than #10,000 for several charities.

Jamie, originally from Whittingehame, East Lothian, said: “People ask me why I am running away or more importantly what am I running away from.

“I personally don’t like to view this expedition as running away I see it as running towards something.

“I am running towards an adventure that could fundamentally change my life.

Jamie Ramsay wears a Bubba Gump hat. Picture: HeMedia

“Having spent 12 years sitting behind a desk I wanted to achieve something I could be proud of while I still had it in me and realised time was running out.

“So many people live with regrets and I didn’t want to end up being one of them.

“This expedition has taught me that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself and have the courage to follow it through.”

Jamie has so far covered nine countries by running for 209 days out of the last 285.

The distance is the equivalent of 210 marathons by averaging a distance of 42.4km per day.

He has also managed to burn through nine sets of running shoes and sports giant Adidas have offered to supply him with fresh pairs for the South American stage.

With his ever growing beard and Bubba Gump hat he finds he is increasingly associated with the Forrest Gump character from the popular Tom Hanks movie.

Jamie said: “I run wearing a Bubba Gump Shrimp cap.

“I love that “for no particular reason” Forrest decided to go for a run. He wasn’t trying to set records or do a first - he just wanted to run.

“While I would love to raise as much money has possible, the main motivator is that I love running.”

Jamie now plans to fly home for his sister’s wedding, but will return to South America soon after to continue on to Buenos Aires and complete his trip.