Lothian lags on cancer screening

WOMEN in the Lothians are still less likely to attend a breast screening appointment than most other places in Scotland, figures have shown.

Invitations are sent for free breast cancer check-ups every three years to females aged between 50 and 70, but only 72 per cent of these have been accepted since 2008.

That shows a negligible improvement from the years before, but is actually a fall from a decade ago.

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The statistics were released by ISD Scotland yesterday, and also reveal how women from deprived areas are far less likely to be screened than their wealthier counterparts.

The rate is below the national average of 75 per cent, and well under the Scottish Government target of almost 80 per cent.

NHS Lothian has launched several initiatives to encourage women to take up the offer, but many are still citing embarrassment and a busy life for snubbing the offer.