'London eats liberty', says Ewan McGregor

SCOTTISH actor Ewan McGregor has revealed how his life has changed for the better since he moved from London to Los Angeles.

In an interview with an Australian magazine, the Crieff-born star said he could not believe how he had tolerated life in London for so long.

"I have a lot more freedom in LA than when I was in London," he said.

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"People leave me alone and I don't get mobbed when I step outside the door.

"It was harder when I lived in London. I don't think it's a depressing city, but I felt that liberty was being eaten away - you can't go out without being on security cameras. I have a different relationship with the place now. I don't live there so I enjoy going back."

McGregor, 39, who lives with French wife Eve Mavrakis and their two daughters Clara Mathilde and Esther Rose, admits to having fantasies about becoming a grumpy, old reclusive writer, when his acting days are over.

"My fantasies mostly involve copious amounts of wine and cigarettes, and shouting at people all day, telling them to f*** off my land, while I sit writing loads of dross nobody will ever see or read," he said.

McGregor also flirted with the idea of becoming a fighter pilot after recently making a Battle of Britain documentary with older brother Colin, but admits it's as unlikely as him overcoming his fear of directing a movie.

"Maybe I will join the air force but that's less likely than writing," he said.

"I'd like to direct but I'm scared."

He also admitted to becoming aware of how he was treated differently because of his fame.

"A friend recently said 'Everyone's nice to you because you're famous,' and that worried me," McGregor said. "It made me feel my experience of life isn't valid because of my job. I hate the idea that people treat me differently. I can't stand it."