Live Argyll members spread their wings

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LiveArgyll has announced a new leisure link partnership with four other areas that will allow LiveArgyll leisure members access to leisure facilities outwith Argyll and Bute for the first time.

The scheme, involving the four other areas will be known as the “Leisure Link Partnership”.

Believed to be the first of its type in Scotland, LiveArgyll members will now be able to access gym, public swimming and fitness classes at leisure facilities across the Highland Region, Moray, The Western Isles and Orkney at no extra cost.

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The Leisure Link Partnership means that when working away from home or on holiday members from participating areas can, at no extra cost, use the local facilities as part of their existing home based membership.

Chairman of Community Leisure UK and High Life Highland chief executive Ian Murray said: “I am delighted to see the Leisure Link Partnership come to fruition as we have been working on this project for some time with colleagues in Moray, The Western Isles, Orkney and Argyll and Bute.

“We are constantly looking for ways to widen the services offered to highlife members and the Leisure Link Partnership is a major step forward enabling them and their family the flexibility to use their cards at one of the partnership sites, and most importantly - at no extra cost.

“We are also pleased to have initiated what we understand to be the first ever multi-area reciprocal card scheme in Scotland.

“And although the initial participants in the partnership are across the north of Scotland, we are in ongoing discussions with other areas in Scotland as well as in both Northern Ireland and Wales which have also adopted the highlife model across their own culture and leisure services.

“So we are hopeful that the Leisure Link Partnership may soon be available further afield!”

Mr Murray concluded, “Along with the other participating areas, I am delighted to see the Leisure Link Partnership launched and look forward to seeing the scheme develop and grow as other areas see the benefits for their members and look to come on board.”

Kevin Anderson, general manager of LiveArgyll, said “We are delighted to be part of this new partnership which is an exciting addition to the new LiveArgyll low cost membership structure launched on April 1. We look forward to welcoming visitors from the four areas to our fantastic facilities.”