Letters: Motorists and cyclists must learn to share roads

One reader has called for cyclists and drivers to learn to use the roads and share them appropriately. Do you agree?

One reader has her say in today's letters section
One reader has her say in today's letters section

I welcome and echo Adam McVey’s comments that walking and cycling must become integral to how we live our lives in our ever expanding city (‘Edinburgh’s getting bigger, let’s make it better too’, News, July 16).

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But, it is indicative of just how far the car culture has become embedded in our society that even the leader of Edinburgh City Council has to defend himself against the ‘easy lie’ that the local authority is acting against the motorist by encouraging active travel.

My fear is that only once all motorists accept that they should share the road space and take some responsibility for the more vulnerable road users in law, will it become safer and normalised for people to walk and cycle around Edinburgh.

Jodi Gordon, Cycle Law Scotland, Princes Street, Edinburgh