Leith pub chef poses as SAS soldier

A PUB chef from Leith has managed to pass himself off as an SAS soldier – and even had his picture taken with Alex Salmond.

Alan Clayton put on a row of commemorative medals and posed for a photograph with the First Minister at a Remembrance ceremony in the Capital.

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But it is claimed Mr Clayton, who works as a cook in Leith’s South African-themed Shebeen bar, borrowed the medals from the Reverend Bill Mackie, an ex-soldier who now runs on-line Bible classes.

When confronted, Mr Clayton admitted the medals where not his but said he wore them “to show remembrance for others”.

Mr Mackie, 58, of Lochend, Edinburgh, said: “He wanted to borrow some commemorative medals for a remembrance ceremony so I said he could borrow mine. This is perfectly innocent.”