Leigh Griffiths fined over Edinburgh Tesco fracas

SCOTLAND striker, Leigh Griffiths, has been fined £100 for committing a breach of the peace in a Tesco Store and struggling with members of staff.

Leigh Griffiths arrives at court this morning. Picture: Neil Hanna

The 23-year-old footballer, now playing for Wolverhampton Wanderers after a spell on loan with Hibs, had been charged with stealing water and juice from the store in Meadow Place Road in Edinburgh on January 26 this year, assaulting an employee by attempting to punch him and to committing a breach of the peace.

At Edinburgh’s Justice of the Peace Court in Edinburgh today, however, Fiscal Depute, Gerard Druggan, accepted not guilty pleas to the theft and assault charges.

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Griffiths admitted shouting and swearing at staff and struggling with them.

Defence solicitor, Kathleen More, told the court that on the day in question Griffiths had been due to catch a Hibs team bus to travel to Aberdeen at 3pm. He went into the store at 2.45 and collected water and juice for the journey. “He purchased these items and then made to leave the shop. As a result of a misunderstanding, when he tried to leave the shop he was stopped by a member of security”. The solicitor added: “Fearing he was going to miss the bus, he over-reacted”.

Justice Robin Vaughan said he accepted there had been a large degree of misunderstanding, but he added: “That does not excuse you losing your temper, swearing and struggling with the shop staff”. He fined Griffiths £100 to be paid by September 19.