Leader: New airport boss must take a flier on drop-off charge

Few would not want to wish Kevin Brown, the new head of Edinburgh Airport, every success in his new role.

It is Scotland's busiest airport. It faces enormous challenges posed by the aftermath of recession and the cutbacks in business and household spending as the country's austerity budget takes effect.

On top of this have been weather disturbances this year and the continuing impact of industrial action. All these have discouraged would-be fliers. The airport has a formidable job to help woo passengers back by making the airport experience as comfortable, enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible.

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Winning back customers - and removing disincentives where possible to flying - have to be the priority. That is why we look to the new airport chief executive to bring a fresh eye to the controversial proposal to introduce a 1 passenger 'drop-off' charge, begin with a clean slate and defer this measure at least until a more coherent and equitable case can be made for it.

The online petition against this charge continues to grow. We note with interest that Mr Brown is moving from the same role at Aberdeen airport, where a planned 1 charge for taxis to drop off passengers was scrapped two years ago after a storm of protest. We hope the change in leadership at Edinburgh will see a similar change of heart here.